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Tip 24: Online Reputation Management: New Tool or Old School?

I’ve been hearing more and more buzz about online reputation management aka reputation marketing. It’s touted as a way for businesses to build their customer base using the persuasive power of testimonials, reviews, word of mouth… the things people say and write about a company. 

Wait a second. 

Is that really new? Isn’t that how companies have grown and become successful since the dawn of commerce? Isn’t it an updated version of the old…

“She told two friends, and they told two friends, and so on”online reputation management

These days, it’s a little more complicated with blogs, social media, and 3rd party review sites that let visitors comment and rate businesses directly out to the world, no filters. That’s where online reputation management comes in: guiding your clients to places where they can post, encouraging them to do so, and managing the inevitable negative ones. 

But the basics of online reputation management are Business 101 staples:

  • Use genuine testimonials or reviews,
  • Don’t “cook” them up, that’ll come back to bite you,
  • And make them highly visible to your prospects across multiple platforms. 

Enhancing your company’s credibility with online reputation management is a bit more complicated than it used to be before social media. But the concept should feel as familiar as a pair of old slippers to those who have always recognized the importance of positive word of mouth.

About the author: Heather Reimer is the founder of The Write Content. She can help you build your business reputation with well-written persuasion content, press releases, and website usability tips. Visit The Write Content for a free content analysis and proposal.

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Heather Reimer
March 21, 2013 um 6:37 PM
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